Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

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The Bitcoin Poker Tournament is the next big thing in the online casino gaming space. If you have reservations about the veracity of this statement - just check the gaming message boards and read about the excitement that players from all over the world have about these prospects. Bitcoin poker are almost identical to live tournaments in terms of the set-up; expect now, the surging cryptocurrency features as the centerpiece in all transactions - primarily, withdrawal of your winnings. The main attraction is, of course, the fact that people can now play without worrying about currency exchange, since Bitcoin is not tied to the fiat currency of any government, but to the irreducible logic of the blockchain. Basically, Bitcoin tournaments are available to everyone.

The only thing left to you entirely is understanding how Bitcoin works before you play at one of the poker tournaments. Read up; or watch YouTube videos that explain what Bitcoin is, how it works, how the blockchain is involved, and how the calculations are rendered in everyones ledger to all but eliminate fraud. Check the details of the casino’s banking section to learn how to make both withdrawals and deposits as pertains to Bitcoin. In fact, you can even get Bitcoin “for free” if you’ve got the right gaming rig setup; of course, this will cost you a lot in electricity, so it might not be worth it unless you’ve got free hydropower.

Once all of the above is rectified, the next step for you is to determine the level at which you wish to play the Bitcoin Poker Tournaments. There are the Free Tournaments, which are also called Freerolls; and the Real Cash Tournaments. Let’s check out the primary difference between the two:

  • Freeroll Tournaments: Are you risk-averse? Then the Freeroll Tourney might be for you, as it allows you to participate at no financial cost to you. Basically, there’s no buy-in requirement as there is with the Real Cash alternative that will be discussed next. You obviously still get to compete against other poker lovers; but clearly the prize purse cannot be that high since no one os paying into it with a buy-in. You can win either a prize at the end, or a small amount of money. There’s a slight catch, though, in a few of the casinos: you need to rack up specialty points through playing their regular games, in order to be allowed to get into the Freeroll Bitcoin Poker Tournament. Keep in mind that most casinos do not do this. For those that do, you’ll be awarded points; if you get a certain number of points through regular play, the Freeroll Tournament access is activated.
  • Real Cash Tournaments: A much more straightforward mode of play. In this version, you put some buy in cash and get access to the tourney. There’s a lot of money to be won, since the prize pot consists of the buy in cash of all the entrants, plus whatever the House decides to contribute. These so-called real money Bitcoin Poker Tournaments are extremely popular, so get ready to win really big if luck shines on you that day/night.

Clearly, there are benefits to both types of tournaments. It opens the way to gaming for Bitcoin whether you’re a professional with deeper pockets, or a novice just starting out and hesitant to put up too much (or anything at all). Look at the freerolls as an opportunity to increase your bankroll for the bigger, more lucrative real cash option. If you’re the type of gamer who likes to take risks and play it big, then you’ll probably want to start out right away in the paid variant of Bitcoin Poker. Whichever you choose, Bitcoin Poker is guaranteed to get your blood thumping. Don’t miss out - BTC is here to stay.