Sit N Go

When poker players take to the virtual felt, fund their account and aim to make money, the choice of game for many will be sit n go tournaments. Sit n go’s offer good players the chance to play multiple tables and grind out the wins, and there are a few great online poker sites that enable US players to do this, most notably Bovada Poker and Carbon Poker. There are many varieties of sit n go tournament, and of course you will find them available at all stakes levels, with most players getting started at the lower levels and working their way up. Making money from sit n go tournaments takes plenty of hard work and the most dedicated sit n go grinders will play for hours on end, multi tabling night and day to make their targets.

Getting Started With Sit N Go Grinding

You’ll need a starting bankroll and this should be around 30 times the buy in at the level that you intend on playing at. This is a good place to start as you will see big swings in wins and losses, and having a backup of 30 times the buy in will keep your account going when you go through those losing streaks...which everyone has.

Next you will need to learn basic sit n go strategy, how to play tight at the beginning of a tournament, learning when to loosen your play up a little and also how to finish the game off. You will need to learn how to control yourself after a run of losses and not go jumping in, upping your stakes and demolishing your sit n go bankroll, and you will also need to know when it’s time to take a break. Managing your money is key, and almost everything you do at the sit n go tables is to do with either protecting your bankroll, or increasing it.

Choosing Where to Play Your Game

The right online poker room is essential as to make money playing sit n go tournaments you will of course need players to beat. It’s no good wasting your time waiting around for tables to fill up as this defeats the whole object. It’s for this reason that we suggest either Bovada Poker or Carbon Poker. Bovada is probably the better option for the beginner as there is plenty of liquidity and players at tables at the lower levels, however Carbon Poker does offer some great sit n go action too, there is little to choose between these 2 great rooms for sit n go play.

Have Fun or Give it a Break!

There is money to be made at the sit n go tables, of that there is no doubt and the many grinders out there pay testament to that. These grinders however have more in common than simply knowing how to make money at sit n go’s, they all enjoy the game too. If you want to grind at the tables and make money from this type of game then you will need patience and you’ll need to enjoy what you’re doing, and if you can combine those things with a lot of poker skill then you are halfway to becoming a sit n go grinder.