Sunshine Poker League

The Sunshine Poker League is a competitive site but no money changes hands. The Sunshine Poker League also known as SPL is an online free to play social poker league. Players can join any day and enjoy competitive play of Texas Hold'em without having to spend any money. How the competition works is that players are pitted against each other and they earn points and positions on the leader boards and this also gives them a chance to brag to friends and co-players about their successes. The SPL is totally free to join, and it is free to play. The idea behind the website that is easily accessible is that lovers of poker can practice their game without risking funds. There are different games running each day and players can interact with other players and make friends online without the stress of constantly trying to win money and be the top of the game. Of course, there is still a certain amount of competition with the SPL but it is friendly competition.

How Each Poker Room Works

There are multiple poker rooms running each day and players join one of them where there is a tournament director. The tournament director is there to oversee the game, help the players and solve any issues that may arise. He is not the dealer. Each player deals and takes it in turns. This is purely a social poker room where players can enjoy games of Texas Hold'em. The mission statement of the Sunshine Poker League is to turn strangers into friends and friends into families. Twice a year in California where the SPL is based, the player can join the Bar Poker Open Championship and actually meet up with other players physically instead of online. The creation of the SPL has meant that there are less problems of gambling without funds and lovers of poker get to enjoy the game at any time online without having to invest lots of money, they just need time and a good attitude.