250k GTD Tournament Tailgate Edition

One of the biggest events of the year - some say, the absolute biggest other than maybe Christmas or Ramadan - is Superbowl Sunday or Superbowl Saturday. In honor of this seminal event, there’s an online Tailgate Edition of the $250k GTD Tournament that transpires on February 3rd. Usually it happens on this day, actually - not always. It depends on the specific day that the Superbowl falls on for that calendar year. Make sure you’ve got everything read - your beer goggles, your pint of Miller Draft or some water coolers, and an internet connection so you can log in and see if Lady Luck smiles on you today.

If you wish to have a chance at reaping the $250,000 grand prize - or at least, a sizable fraction of it - then you must put down the modest sum of $7.70 in order to buy into it. At least, this was the price in the Superbowl GTD Tournament of 2018; it could be a bit lower or higher in the years to come. This guaranteed prize money comes from the number of paying entrants, so you can be certain that it will always be around this sum. Now, if for whatever reason, you’re late in paying it and wait until the final day of February 3rd or early February (depending on the year), then the buy in price could be a lot higher at $325 or so. Enter early to certify your spot.

Qualification Details

Remember to check back here for any new details on the Tailgate Edition of the $250k GTD Tournament as the NFL football season draws to a close and Superbowl Sunday/Saturday is around the corner. The qualifiers begin in mid to late January around the 18th of the month, and run until the Main Event, itself. For reference, you are also free to simply look at the schedule on this website - it will tell the cost of the qualifier in the days leading up to the party. You don’t want to miss out on your shot at the life-changing amount of $250,000, so enter when you can.